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Here are some of our sisters favorite Gamma Phi Beta memories!

My most memorable Gamma Phi moments are when I found out Natalie was my mom, and also when I got my dotty Taylor! I love making these close connections with sisters and growing my family!

-Emilee Thomas

My favorite memory was going through the process of getting a dotty. Having a close bond with someone in the chapter that is the closest thing to family you have aside from the whole sisterhood is so special. My dotty Hailey was the best thing to happen to me and has been a big part of my Gamma Phi memories.

-Sarah Morris  

My most memorable moment in Gamma Phi was when I met my mom, Taryn. She set up a scavenger hunt for me and I had to go around campus and town until it led me to her. Once I found her it was amazing. My whole family was there, and we ate a spaghetti dinner together and I got to know everyone. I will never forget it. 

-Maria Haley

My two favorite memories are bid day and the sisterhood retreat. I love seeing all the girls and getting to know each other. All the moments I have with the girls remind me of why I choose gamma phi.

-Angela Murphy 


My most favorite memory was the moment I knew Gamma Phi was my home. It was during fall rush of 2019 and it was the last and final round of recruitment. We had a special ritual service type of deal and Ryann who is now my Mom guided me through it. I literally knew right then and there I wanted to be in Gamma SO BAD. It was something I will seriously never forget and am so beyond happy to call GPHI my home! :) 

-Josie Sandford


My most memorable moment in Gamma Phi was bid day! I was so excited the morning of bid day and felt so incredibly loved that day! I met so many girls that day who are now some of my lifelong friends! 

-Katherine Wilcox 


My most memorable Gamma Phi moment was taking my first ever real camping trip on the north shore with my incredible sorority fam this past summer! We stopped in Duluth, went to the black sand beach, visited Palisade Head, Gooseberry Falls state park, Split Rock Lighthouse, Tettegouche State Park, hiked, swam, and my favorite part was sitting around the campfire at night talking. It was the best time! Gamma Phi has given me so much.

-Abby Culhane 


My most memorable moment in Gamma Phi was attending the 2020 REAL Leadership Conference in Chicago. Through this experience, I was able to reconnect with my "why Gamma Phi" and the importance of sisterhood, and how connected we are through our four core values. I was able to meet EVPs and other executive officers through Region 5 and share many creative strategies that we could take back to our Gamma Pi chapter. Being in the presence of so many strong women and leaders was a very exciting experience, and I loved being in a space where I could share my ideas and receive constructive feedback from my sisters. It also gave our executive council the opportunity to grow into a strong, supportive team, and I feel that this trip was a large contribution to the success we achieved during our time. RLC was such a rewarding experience, and I strongly urge any member to attend a Gamma Phi Beta conference during their time as an active! 

-Ryann Lake

My most memorable moment of Gphi was probably during my recruitment process back in fall 2020. I was so welcomed and so many girls had already made me feel apart of the chapter before even stepping foot fully into it. I knew immediately this was my home and my group of girls I soon would learn to LOVE with my whole entire heart. This group of girls already have taught me hardships, effort, and dedication within this chapter and community as well. I cannot wait to make many more memories within GPhi!

-Sarah Morris


My most memorable moments were definitely when mom/ dot was going on. I loved every single day getting anonymous texts, little gifts now and then, and then pillowcase was one of my favorite days! even though most of it was on zoom, I’m so grateful we had the opportunity to still make it special! Fast forward ahead to the actual Mom/ Dot reveal, I was so excited!! I loved standing in front of the box and Katie popping up out of it. I wasn’t expecting anyone else to be in there. I’m forever grateful for Katie and everything she has done for me! I can’t wait to be a Mom myself one day. Gamma Phi has brought me some of my best friends and I cannot wait time to keep expanding my role here in Gamma Phi. 

-Madison Cleverly 

My most memorable moment in Gamma Phi was getting my dotty Madison. From the moment I met her I felt an instant connection and knew I wanted to be her mom. It was so fun giving her little gifts and trying to trick her while still hanging out with her. Mom dot reveal was so fun & I will forever be so grateful that Gamma Phi has brought me one of the sweetest, selfless person ever. She continued to push me to be the best person I can be. I love you dotty 

-Katie Baumann

My most memorable Gamma Phi moment was definitely the lip-sync dance of Greek week in 2019. Addie, Sara Swan, and I danced to Peacock by Katy Perry in tie blankets in front of the entire Greek community and it is something I will truly never forget!

-Michaela Thole


My most memorable Gamma Phi Beta moment was being selected to attend the Real Leadership Experience in 2019. Over 100 applicants applied and being chosen showed me that there was a potential in myself that others saw that I may not have. This opportunity allowed me to meet so many other Gamma Phi Beta collegiate women, along with advisors and other facilitators. I left Oklahoma feeling beyond empowered, inspired, and grateful. Self-development in terms of leadership skills, networking, and making genuine connections with Gamma Phi Beta woman outside of my collegiate chapter and growing as an individual from this experience is something I will forever cherish.

-Natalie Turkowski

My favorite memory of Gamma Phi is my very first sleepover retreat and we went to a cabin and had a bonfire and then a dance-off! It was so fun and I got closer to a ton of girls!

-Lauren Bern


My most memorable moment in Gphi so far is going on dates with girls in Gphi and bid day was such a great day to remember. I will always cherish the moments I had with Gphi so far and I can’t wait for endless memories. 

-Makayla Lewis


My most memorable moment in Gamma Phi has been mom/dot reveal  & hanging with my besties!

-Brooklyn Hermanson 


My most memorable moment was mom dot reveal and initiation! Although this year was different both of those were so rewarding and fun!! Both of those moments made me know why I really chose gamma phi!!

-Olivia Friesen


My most memorable moment in Gamma Phi was going all of the spring retreats. You always form new bonds with girls and get to do so many fun activities! It reminds me how loyal my sisters are. It doesn’t matter how well you know someone, you will always have a friend in Gamma Phi and you will always have someone to lean on when you need it!

-Allison Reeder

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